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Best Ways to Find Cheap Flights

Best Ways to Find Cheap Flights

Guess what guys?! 

Nick and I are going to JAPAN over spring break. It was the most spur of the moment decision because I found a super cheap flight! So weird but I had a dream the other night of us going to Jpan over spring break but basically laughed it off in the morning because we are college students and planning a wedding a trip to Japan seemed like something we would consider in like 10 years, but here we are! 

There are so many ways to find cheap flights online. (seriously though how did anyone find travel deals before the interwebs?) Here are a few of my favorite ways I have found cheap flights: 

1. Sky Scanner

I will live and die by sky scanner, especially when I was abroad and looking for cheap weekend flights to country hop around Europe. You just type in where you want to go and when you want to be there and well-ah! you have the cheapest flight at your fingertips. There is no booking fee because it takes you straight the airline's website. The only thing I don't love about sky scanner is that it remembers that you have a lust for travel and sometimes the deals aren't as good the 100th time you have looked at them. A lot of the time, I will browse sky scanner in the incognito browser to avoid this. 

2. Scott's Cheap Flights

This is how we SCORED on our flight to Japan. Scott's Cheap Flights is a website that you subscribe to their emails from. Whenever a cheap flight pops up, they will shoot you an email and give you the deets and dates. From there, you view the flight on google or other flight finder websites. This one can be tricky because unless you live near major airports, chances are you will have to buy a separate ticket to get to where the flight takes off from. (our flight to Japan takes off from LAX so we will need to get a ticket to LAX also) Also, you may not get the most desirable dates because they flights are when they are but if you are willing to be a little flexible then this is the site for you!

3. Student Universe

Great site to book your travel from when you are a student! All you have to do is make an account and verify it with your student email and you are set. My friend saved over $400 flying from the states to Europe using student universe! They also do more than just flights so check them out for all things travel. 

4.  Airline Credit Cards

Okay let's get one thing straight, I am not here to have you go into debt up to your ears because you opened up every airline credit card imaginable. Read the pros and cons of different kinds of airline credit cards before you choose one. We have the Southwest Credit Card because it seems easier to get flights using points than other cards. #TBH thinking about getting an American Airlines CC- not to spend money on but to get the access to the admirals club bc sitting at a layover for more than like 1-hour sucks. 

5. Fly Standby

This one isn't easy or feasible for many but if you have the opportunity to, take advantage of it! Have no idea what I am talking about? It's okay I wrote all about it here. 

What are your best tips for finding cheap flights? ALSO, if you have been, what suggestions do you have for JAPAN?! Things to do, see, eat, stay..... give me all the deets. 


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

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