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Happy Birthday, Nick!

Happy Birthday, Nick!


OMG I can not believe that today, you are 22. I will never forget when we were 16 and carpool buddies and you bought me a bag of apples for my birthday. I vividly remember going on our first date and how awkward we were at that bowling alley and now, almost 5 years later, nothing, and I mean literally NOTHING has been that weird since. It has been amazing to grow with you and watch you transform from a goofy teenager into the man you are today.  SO for your bday, here is a list of 22 things I love about you. 

1. Your perseverance and positive attitude that can move mountains. 

2. Your sense of adventure and spontaneousness

3. What a great dog- dad you are to Chance

4. Your unconditional love for everyone you meet

5. Your willingness to try anything once...and encouraging me to do the same. 

6. In fact, I love how encouraging you are-- whether it is trying something new or conquering a situation, you make the impossible seem possible. 

7. Your wisdom and critical thinking (sounds silly but you have the ability to completely think out any situation which I find AMAZING)  

8. Your dreams and how you never give up on them.

9. How supportive you are of my dreams even if it means running off to Europe for 6 months or dragging you around town to take cute pictures. 

10. Your goofy personality and how you light up a room with your presence. 

11. The way you play with Brody. 

12. The way you love your mom. 

13. Your patience and gentle heart.

14. Your handiness-- Remember when you saved that guy from blowing up his brand new Denali because he didn't know how to jump it? Or when you changed my tire in a completely full parking lot? or how 'bout the fact that you have taken two pieces of rust-- ahem-- I mean antique vw bugs and turned them into fully functioning off road cars? You never cease to amaze me. 

15. Your dedication and diligence.

16. Your brains. Seriously, you are a freakin' GENIUS! 

17. How your calmness and borderline OCD is the perfect balance to my constantly hectic and extremely scattered brain (and life). 

18. Your taste in music... most of the time ;) 

19. Your cooking skills and bar tending abilities. 

20. Your friendship. 

21. The way you don't bite my head off in the morning when I open the blinds and blend smoothies while you are trying to sleep in like a normal person. 

22. MAN, you are old haha BUT finally, I love your love and how much of your heart you are willing to share with me and chance. 

I am excited to continue to grow and love you even more (if that's possible) for the next year and for many more years to come. Happy birthday! I love you!


Life Update: I GOT ENGAGED

Life Update: I GOT ENGAGED

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