Social Media for Success

In a day and age where one ill tasted social media post can ruin your future, it is important to think twice before you tweet, snap, or share. 

According to Harvard Business Review, 40-60% of hiring managers use social media as a part of their hiring decision. In fact, yesterday, I shared that you should even include your social handles on your resume. 

How does one balance being personal and professional on social, you may ask? 

My number one piece of advice is, if you wouldn't want your grandma to see it, don't post it. Better yet, let your grandma follow you on social media (even BETTER yet, let your bf's grandma follow you on social) true story. 

Use your brain!!! You don't have to be overly politically correct and you should totally express your personal opinion on your personal account BUT don't go trollin' on a news outlets' posts, calling the first family every colorful word you learned in middle school. Those posts are public, everyone you know can see that 'ish. It just looks bad.

I recently watched this Ted Talk about a woman who lost her job and basically ruined her life in under 140 characters.

In conclusion, let your grandma follow you, don't be a troll and think before you tweet. 

What are you tips to social success? Let's chat in the comments!!