Hi there! My name is Emily. 

The name of the blog is Traveling Through Tulips because I made this blog when I was studying abroad in the Netherlands but I found the more ~traditional~ form of journaling my experience worked better for me. Now, I am jumping into the digital age and sharing my life on the interwebs. 

My hope for Traveling Through Tulips is to be a friend and figure it out together. This whole #adulting thing is hard and I love getting/ giving support from a community of people in the same situation. 

On to me: Tennessee- born and Arizona- raised, I admire the countryside and the desert. 

Applying my social butterfly-ness to the real world, I am studying public relations and advertising. I am a firm believer in trying anything once which has helped spark my love for design, diy, and healthy living.

Some of the things that make me who I am are my love for romcoms, green tea, my bf nick, and my dog chance.  

Now. Let's inspire, laugh, cry, and put on our big girl pants and take on the real world like the girl bosses we are.

Feel free to reach out at anytime!

xoxo, ema