On Sunday, Nick and I hosted a lovely Friendsgiving with, well you guessed it.... our lovely friends! We all do our own ways for the real deal so it is fun to get together, eat some tasty food, drink some yummy drink and just have a good ole time. I also consider it practice for when I cook Thanksgiving dinner for my own family someday!

Wedding Planning Update

Popping on to give ya’ll a quick wedding planning update!

As you may know, we found our venue! We are having our wedding at a Historic House in Nashville. We were torn between this historic house and a large venue meant for hosting events. We ended up going with the historic house because it gave us the flexibility to customize our wedding the way that we want it to be and it is A LOT more affordable.

How to Save $$$ Without Losing Your Social Life

Your early twenties is this really weird time where you want to do everything but have next to no extra money to do anything. After a long 8 hour day, the only thing you want to do is grab a drink with your gal pals or go get a mani pedi and wash (or drink) away the day. Then reality catches up with you and reminds you that rent is due in a week, to save money for groceries, pay tuition so you can get a real job with a real salary. Even though money may be tight it doesn't mean that you have to sit a home and twiddle your thumbs while your friends go on exotic trips and drink fancy drinks. Chances are, they are looking for ways to save dat money and still have a good time too.